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125+ Websites and Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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So you’re looking to write some guest posts eyy?

Well….I got you! 

Below I’ve listed over 125+ websites that accept contributors!

But before we get to the list, I just want to go over something really quick that’s pretty important! 

Let’s dive in.

Writing guest posts for backlinks

Let’s be honest, you’re here with me today because you’re more than likely looking for guest posting opportunities for the purpose of building links. 

And I don’t blame you. 

In a recent interview I did with my guy Ryan Robinson, he owed guest posting to be by far the most impactful strategy that has helped his blog grow to over 500,000/monthly readers! 

My boy Adam from AdamEnfroy, launched his site in 2019. Fast forward two years later, it now brings him home over $100K/month and drives 500,000+/monthly readers.

His main link building strategy that helped him achieve this? 

You guessed it, guest posting! 

But hey, they’re not the only ones taking advantage of this strategy. 

According to Moz’s 2016 state of link building survey—which had over 435 respondents coming from agencies, in-house SEOs, consultants, and freelancers—78% of them said that they felt that guest posting (along with content promotion) was by far the most effective way to build links.

Most effective link building tactics study

So yeah, now you get why I said don’t blame you for using guest posting as a link building strategy. 

Because it works! 

But the thing is there’s a fine line between what does and doesn’t work with guest posting for links. 

In short:

What works is high quality guest posting. Meaning providing super quality content on super quality sites—not just writing stuff for links.

It’s funny because my evidence to back this statement up comes from somebody actually trying to come at Matt Cutts (he was the former head of webspam for Google, if you may not know) for allowing a guest post on his blog that included a dofollow link.

Matt Cutts on guest posting

His counter argument however was that it was a high-quality guest post that had the sole intent of helping his audience, and not for building links. So he didn’t have a problem allowing the link (which was there naturally and didn’t have the intent of passing “page rank”). 

Now I’m assuming (please correct if I’m wrong down in the comments) from this, that if you write something (such as a quality guest post) and link to something without the intent to pass “page rankings” and the link is really there naturally, then there is no reason to nofollow the link (and you should be good). 

But of course if the link is solely there to pass “page rank” and appears unnatural, then yeah, you should nofollow the link. 

Which brings us to….

What doesn’t work for guest posting? 

Here’s a recent email I received from someone looking to contribute to my blog.

Bad Outreach #3

And here’s another one.

Bad Outreach #2

You can sorta get where this is going. 

A lot of guest posting out there is being used as just a way of getting links (to pass “Page Rank”) and taking shortcuts to do so. 

Bringing about practices such as writing low-quality content on low-quality (spammy) sites, spinning articles, and offering money (paying for links). 

These practices are something you definitely want to steer clear of, as Matt Cutts (back in 2014) stated the death of these tactics and Google taking action towards these sites. 

Here’s one of his videos where talks about this. 

So I kinda hope that clears the air between quality guest posting (what you should be doing) and sh***y guest posting (what you should be avoiding). 

And I’ll be the first to tell you the truth—quality guest posting takes work! 

You have to come up with and create quality content, along with building relationships with other webmasters. 

But you’ll see that it’s totally worth it in the long run (bigger network means more opportunities, additionally if you’ve been creating some pretty awesome content, people will recognize that)!

Plus taking this approach can land you some guest posts on big sites!

Websites and blogs accepting guest posts

Time for the good stuff! 

Below I’ve listed 125+ websites that are currently accepting guest posts. I’ve separated them into 11 categories that I’ve featured down below. 

Please do let me know if any of these sites are no longer accept contributions, as I’m tryna keep this list as updated as possible. 

Thanks 😉 

Digital marketing

Hubspot93Marketing Tactics, Team Development, Design, Internet TrendsInfo
SendInBlue90Content Marketing, Blogging, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing TrendsInfo
Zapier90Small Business Success Stories, Tips for growing a small business, Thought Leadership, ProductivityInfo
GetResponse89SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing Info
Business2Community89SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Small Business Info
Search Engine Watch88SEO, SEM, Social, Content and AnalyticsInfo
Mailerlite87Digital Marketing Case Studies, Mailerlite features, No-Code Movement, IntegrationsInfo
Outbrain85Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Performance Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Native Advertising etc.Info
CoSchedule85Content Marketing, SEO, BloggingInfo
MarketingProfs85Demand Generation and Management, Account-Based Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Email MarketingInfo
CXL85Anything that enables businesses to get more results (conversions)Info
Invesp84Conversion optimization, Analytics, ECommerce, UsabilityInfo
Drift83Marketing (This includes conversational, product, content and influencer), SalesInfo
Keap83Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Business DevelopmentInfo
Mention83Digital Marketing, PR, Communication, Media MonitoringInfo
Propeller Blog80Digital Marketing; Advertising News and Trends; Emerging TechnologiesInfo
Single Grain78SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Tutorials, Case StudiesInfo
Referral Rock77SEO, Marketing (This includes referral, affiliate, content and growth) and Brand StrategyInfo
SerpStat77SEO, PPC, Analytics, Digital MarketingInfo
B2B Marketing75B2B Marketing, Customer Experience, Leadership, Account Based Marketing,Info
Long Tail Pro75Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Content MarketingInfo
SEO Hacker74SEOInfo
BitCatcha71SEO on-page optimizations, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, CopyRighting, BloggingInfo
WebEngage71Customer Service, Engagement, Trust, EcommerceInfo
Lilach Bullock71Blogging and Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media MarketingInfo
SEOBlog70SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content MarketingInfo
Voymedia69SEO, Marketing, Productivity, PlatformInfo
Compose.ly59Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Conversion OptimizationInfo

Business and Entrepreneurship

Inc.92Start-Up, Growth, Technology, InnovationInfo
Fast Company91Entrepreneurship, Work-Life, Productivity, Creativity, Career Development, InnovationInfo
Entrepreneur91Leadership, Inspiration, Growth Strategies, Marketing, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Starting a Business Info
Content Marketing Institute88Content Marketing, B2BInfo
Business85Small Business, EntrepreneurshipInfo
Allbusiness81Content Marketing, SEO Marketing, SEO for Blogs and BusinessesInfo
Foundr77Business, Start-Up, EntrepreneurshipInfo
StartUp Nation75Entrepreneurship, Grow your Business, BloggingInfo
Startup Bros64Online Business/Entrepreneurship Guides, Amazon Seller Guides, Private Label/Sourcing GuidesInfo
Succed As Your Boss62Marketing, Small Business, Soloprenuers, Work Home Life balanceInfo


Copyhackers78Email testing, Freelance Writing, CopywritingInfo
ProWritingAid73The Writing Process, Content and Blogging, Grammar RulesInfo
WritingCooperative71Depth Explanations of Writing Formats and Style, Unique Language and Grammar Guides, Editing and Publishing TipsInfo

Web design and blogging

Elegant Themes94In depth tutorials on all things WordPress and Divi, Web Development and Design, Case StudiesInfo
CyberChimps91Anything helping WordPress users to set up, build and grow their blogsInfo
SmashingMagazine90Web Design, WordPress, JavaScriptInfo
SitePoint88Entrepreneur, WordPressInfo
Webdesignledger78Web Design, Web Development, GraphicsInfo
WPMayor76WordPress Reviews, Themes, Plugins and TutorialsInfo
The Sits Girl70Blogging and Social Media Info
HellBound Bloggers60WordPress, Blogging, TechnologyInfo

News publications

Mashable91Entertainment, Tech, CultureInfo
Huffington Post91Politics, Personal, Shopping etc.Info

Travel and destinations

OnlyInYourState78Enjoyable Things to do and Destinations in the 50 StatesInfo
TheBlondeAbroad72Travel (Local) Guides, Budget Travel Guide, Road Trip ItineraryInfo
ThePlanetD70Travel Stories, Experiences, Tips, Top 10’sInfo
EDreams68Travel Experiences, Must See Destinations, Responsible Travel, Airline InformationInfo
OutAndAboutLive64Camping ExperiencesInfo
FoxnoMad63Travel StoriesInfo
GlobalGrasshopper56Travel Blogging Info
DavesTravelCorner56Adventure and Outdoor Travel, International Travel, Solo Travel, Arts and CultureInfo
OutOfTownBlog53Travel Guides, Itineraries, Gear and Tips; Religious Sites, Backpacking Tips, Airline ReviewsInfo
HoneyMoonAlways52HoneyMoon Experiences, Travel Experiences, Tips about Specific Couple DestinationsInfo
WomenOnTheRoad52Destination posts ideal for independent female travelersInfo
WickedGoodTravelTips36Travel Tips, Articles or ReportsInfo
Travelbelles35Travel Stories (Currently only accepting guest posts from female travel bloggers)Info
AngelaTravels31Travel ExperiencesInfo

Food and cooking

TheKitchN86Kitchen Projects, Cooking TipsInfo
Saveur81 Food and Travel StoriesInfo
OneGreenPlanet80Vegan Food and LivingInfo
FoodMatters74Quick and Easy Recipes (preferably vegan/vegetarian), Fun Health Tips, Personal Health Improvement JourneysInfo
DisneyFoodBlog68Disney Food, Restaurant, and Dining ReviewsInfo
Menuism64Food Education and Enlightenment; Drinks and CocktailsInfo
BestPickest46Kitchen Appliance Guides, Reviews, Tutorials; Useful TipsInfo
TheFoodellers44Food Recipes and Travel ExperiencesInfo
FoodWellSaid38Food, Cooking and TravelInfo
AnybodyCanBake21Anything Baking Related (This includes Recipes and Articles)Info

Lifestyle and family

ElephantJournal80“Mindful Life” – Anything that happens to be helpful in living a better life for not only yourself, but for others and the planetInfo
GoodMenProject79Enlightening Masculinity, Exploring Modern Manhood, What Does it Mean to be a Good Man in The 21st CenturyInfo
5MinutesForMom71Inspiring, Supporting and Encouraging MomsInfo
YummyMummyClub65Motherhood, Parenting, Personal StoriesInfo
MyKidsTime57Parenting-Related ContentInfo
LivingRichWithCoupons56Gardening, Home Improvement, Parenting, Holiday Planning, Crafts/DIY Projects, BudgetingInfo
Prosperi Press56Health and wellness, Fitness and Nutrition, Society and CultureInfo
HelloBee56Family Friendly Travel Destinations, Parenting, PregnancyInfo
Aha-Now49Personal Development, Life Lessons and StoriesInfo
BargainBrianna47Food Recipes, Best Shopping Trips and Scenarios; Organization Tips and Hacks Info

Health and fitness

PsychologyToday92Nearly Anything Related to Psychology (No personal stories of psychological illness or recoveryInfo
HealthLine91Personal Health Journey/StoryInfo
Crossfit88Physiology, Nutrition, Rehabilitation, Training Philosophy and Principles etc.Info
EatingWell82Eating healthfully, Eating Culture and TraditionsInfo
SelfGrowth79Self-Improvement ( Health, Finances, Spirituality, Relationships etc.)Info
WellBeingSecrets65Wellness, Weight Loss, Nutrition, FitnessInfo

Money and investing

SeekingAlpha87Investment Insight and or IdeasInfo
MoneyCrashers81Money Management, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Credit and Debt, Frugal Living (*Offers Monetary Compensation)Info
BiggerPockets79Real Estate Investing Tips and ExperiencesInfo
MoneySavingMom72Practical Money-Saving Tips, Advice, and or IdeasInfo
SavingAdvice67Saving Money and InvestingInfo
CashMoneyLife62Credit Cards, Debt Consolidation, Payday Loans, ForexInfo
MoneyMiniBlog46Finance and ProductivityInfo
FreeFromBroke45Personal Finance, Debt, Investing, Managing Your MoneyInfo
OneCentAtATime42Money-Saving or Earning Tips, Advice, and IdeasInfo
ReachFinancialIndepedence40Wealth Building, Making the Right Money Choices, Your own Experiences or How You Plan on Becoming Financially FreeInfo
MyPersonalFinanceJourney31Personal Finance ( Saving, Investing, Frugality etc.)Info
FinanceWand22Budgeting, Credit and Debt, Trading, MortgageInfo


DigitalPhotographySchool80Anything Related to Digital Photography (This includes photography tutorials, camera reviews etc.)Info
ThisIsColossal80Project-based submissions which include Photography, Sculpture, Street Art, Painting etc.Info
TheBark74Life with Dogs, Dog CultureInfo
GuitarChalk67Guitar Tips, Learning Methods, or TechniquesInfo
CraftBits56Creative Project IdeasInfo

How to find additional guest posting sites

Most of the time it’s as simple as a Google search. Simply type in a few words describing your niche, followed by some variant of the phrase “guest posting opportunities” or “write for us”. And what should follow are countless sites that appear that accept guest posts.

From there, you can research sites individually to find places that seem like good fits.

Final thoughts 

Guest posting is definitely a powerful tool you can leverage to help increase traffic to your blog, especially a new one—when done right. But don’t solely focus on what you can gain out of these relationships or guest posting opportunities. 

Instead, see guest posting as an opportunity to expand your professional network, serve others and potentially build meaningful friendships with people who do similar things as you. Because this inevitably leads to a win-win for everyone involved!


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