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I launched this website back in 2019.

But you see it wasn’t after a year or so (after a lot of failing and learning) that I began seeing a consistent flow of visitors.

Google Organic Search Traffic

Now to this day, the site manages to receive nearly 2,000/monthly readers.

Google analytics (active users report)

And so in this post, I’ll be going over the exact strategies I used to help me get here (which I hope you can apply to your own site)! 

I’ll be covering: 

1. Conducting keyword research

Organic search continues to be the biggest source of traffic I receive on the site.

traffic sources

In fact, it accounts for nearly 67% of all traffic I’ve received overall.

Organic search drives most of our traffic

And really, I owe most of this to keyword research (but of course, there were of course other factors that helped as well).

So, what’s keyword research? 

Well it’s pretty much the process of better understanding what people (your audience) are searching for on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. 

It helps you understand things such as: 

  • The amount of people searching for a specific term (traffic volume)
  • The type of content people expect when they make a search query (search intent)

All this information is extremely important to know, because it helps you better understand your audience and create content that they are interested in and searching for. 

Because after all, you can’t expect your site content (blog posts, etc.) to drive traffic if no one is searching for it, right? 

That is why the first step in our content creation process (here at ConstantlyStriving) is conducting keyword research.

keyword research part of our workflow

It helps us verify if a content idea is worth pursuing or not (in terms of traffic and other metrics).

We use the tool Ahrefs to help us with our keyword research.


Now, there’s quite a lot of stuff that goes into keyword research (a bit too much for this post), which is why we’ve actually created our own guide on it.

In the guide, we explain in more detail …

  • What keyword research is 
  • How exactly we go about it 

So please be sure to check out if you need more help on how to perform keyword research. 

Below, I’ve also listed some additional articles that are extremely helpful with conducting keyword research:

2. Creating expert roundups

What if I told you there’s a way that you can get influencers/thought leaders to not only recognize your site, but also promote you to their audiences (hence increasing your site traffic) … all while providing value! 

Well, there is! 

You can achieve this through creating expert roundups.

This consists of humbly reaching out to and gathering participants who are considered influencers or thought leaders in a particular niche …

And have them contribute a piece of advice (or their thoughts) on a specific question. 

For example, I recently published an expert roundup, asking successful bloggers the one best piece of advice they’d give to anyone starting a blog.

expert roundup post

And the piece was such a hit! 

I not only received the largest amount of visitors in one day (thanks to all our participants who shared it with their audience)…

participants sharing expert roundup post on social media

… But the post also helped my website gain recognition within my niche and build relationships with our participants!

In brief, roundups work really well in increasing traffic, because participants are likely to share the post with their audience or even link out to the post they contributed to. 

Not to mention, posts like these are very helpful for the specific community, which benefits from the advice.


3. Guest posting

Now the truth is–at least from my own experience–guest posting as a way to increase site traffic through “referral traffic” hasn’t actually been too promising. 

Take for example the screenshot you see down below. 

website traffic increase after guest post

It showcases my site traffic after I had published a guest post (with the website having more than 50,000 monthly readers). 

But as you see, there wasn’t much of a change in traffic.

This goes for other guest posts I’ve published as well. The referral traffic was minimal or non-existent.

Now I’m not saying guest posting is not worth it. Because it’s definitely a valuable strategy.

But just maybe not for driving referral traffic (again please remember that this is from our own results)… rather for building high-quality backlinks!

Which can improve your site’s domain authority, improving your search rankings, meaning … more traffic! 

Here’s an example of how a guest post helped drastically improve our Domain Authority.

domain rating increased

Which over time we correlated (of course with the help of publishing other guest posts) with helping increase our site traffic (as prior to this time, we hadn’t built any high-quality links.)

website traffic increase

It also goes without saying that when you get the opportunity to publish on a high authority website, it definitely helps your brand gain recognition and trust!


4. Blogger/Influencer outreach

People love reading about themselves, so why not take advantage of this? 

Blogger/influencer outreach is an awesome strategy that I got from Ryan Robinson and Tim Soulo from Ahrefs. 

It basically consists of reaching out to the brands and people you mention in your content. 

This can be anything such as a quote, idea, strategy, etc. that you got from them. 

The idea here is to shine a positive light on whoever it is you’re reaching out to, because after all, who wouldn’t want to share an article that compliments them!

For example, check this awesome message I received.

blogger reaching out they mentioned us on there blog post

Naturally, I checked out the post and shared it! 

Try it!

You might be surprised at how high the payback is in opportunities, collaborations, links, shares, etc.


5. Promoting through social media / joining communities

More than 3.6 billion people use social media worldwide, and that number is continuing to increase.

What does this mean for you?

Only this: Social media is definitely a channel you want to take advantage of. 

It continues to be a great way to interact with followers and foster new relationships with readers, potential customers and clients.

A particular strategy that has worked really well for me is to join online communities.

Particularly, Facebook groups. 

As you may already know, my blog is about digital marketing and growing a blog. So, when I first created my website, I began joining various Facebook groups that focused on these subjects. 

This helped me connect with others doing similar things as I was, enabling us to help each other.

But it offers something else too:

These groups comprise a targeted audience to share my content with! 

So every time I publish a post, I always seek to share it amongst the groups I participate in…

Facebook Share

with the intent of always providing value.

And it certainly does help.

This strategy continually sends a good amount of referral traffic. In fact, it accounts for about 10% of all the traffic generated on our site (as seen from the previous image).

Organic search drives most of our traffic

6. Building links

Throughout this guide, we’ve mentioned the benefits of building links as a way to help increase website traffic. 


Because the data remains true: 

  • The more high-quality links pointing back to a website… 
  • The more search engines place trust in that site…

  • Placing them higher in rankings on search engines…

  • Thus, resulting in more search traffic! 

In fact, during a study conducted by Brian Dean from Backlinko and Ahrefs, in which they analyzed over 11.8 million websites, they made this discovery: 

Websites with an overall higher link authority (more quality links pointing back to them) correlated positively with having higher search rankings

domain rating correlates with google rankings statistics image

Also, individual pages with more backlinks pointing back to them ranked higher than those that had less.

Statistics image most pages receive no backlinks

In short, building high-quality links back to your website is important. 

It helps increase your overall site’s link authority, which helps with rankings and driving more search traffic (especially for more competitive terms). 

Below, I’ve listed a couple of great resources that can help you with your link building: 


If you are unfamiliar with HARO, let me explain.

It’s an online media outlet that helps connect journalists with credible sources and experts, which they can then include in their reporting/content. 

Image of HAROs home page

More than 55,000+ journalists are on the HARO platform, with many from large media outlets such as Fox News, TIME, and The New York Times—all looking to find and include sources for their articles.

This is a great opportunity to help expose your website on large media outlets, along with providing SEO benefits to it, as most will link out to you.

Best part of all?

HARO is completely free to use! 

All you need to do is sign up with HARO, which will then send you email queries from journalists three times a day (5:35 a.m., 12:35 p.m. and 5:35 p.m. ET).

Like this:

HARO email queries

All queries are divided into categories, include subjects such as: 

  • Biotech 
  • Business and Finance 

  • Education 

  • Entertainment 

  • High Tech 

  • Lifestyle and Fitness 

  • Travel

  • … and more 

So, there’s really something for everyone! 

Once you find a query relevant to your expertise, simply reach out to the listed email with your pitch and required information (your author bio). 

HARO specific email query

Final thoughts

So there you have it! 

The strategies we’ve listed above are the exact ones we’ve used or are currently using to help increase our site traffic. 

With that being said, please do let me know if we might’ve missed an awesome tactic that you use or if you have any questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask! Leave your questions down below in the comments section or ping me on twitter.

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