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15 Ways to Make Money Online From Home in 2021

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Attempting to make money online used to be a farfetched dream for many. The good news? The internet is constantly evolving and presenting the public with new opportunities–so, making money online is no longer a dream; it’s a reality for millions of people. 

Even better, you don’t have to be a tech guru to make real money online. With so many viable online income options, your opportunities are genuinely unlimited. 

In this article we will look at some of the most viable options that include:


1. Create a blog 

2. Freelance work 

3. Reseller

4. Ecommerce business

5. Stock trading

6. Start a YouTube channel

7. Substack or paid newsletter

8. Rent my home (Airbnb)

9. Peer to peer car rental

10. Honey coupons

11. Paid surveys

12. Start a podcast

13. Become an online tutor

14. Create an online course

15. Edit videos


1. Create a blog 

Blogging is no longer limited to venting to an online community about the atrocities of the day–well, not unless you want to take that path. 

With well over 152 million blogs on the internet, it can be a bit intimidating to get started. It can also be easy to fall into the mental trap of worrying that the market is oversaturated. Or you could simply look at this from another perspective – there are so many blogs online today because of the increased potential for success. 

Here’s a fun fact: approximately 43% of business owners have stated that they don’t know what blogging is. Yet, of those who do blog, over half (55%) say that they use it as their top inbound marketing strategy and have reaped immense benefits from it. Businesses have noticed that blogging regularly helps to bring in 8 times more traffic to their website, brings in approximately three times more leads, and has helped them reduce overall marketing spend by over 60%. 

Now, if you don’t have a business to help propel your blog, you’re likely asking, “Who can I start making money by blogging for?” Here’s the thing, the concept you’ll want to use is the same that many of the most successful businesses use – ask yourself, “how can I help solve a consumer pain point?” 

Some of the most successful blogs revolve around this single thought. Why – because people are searching for answers. In fact, Google alone processes over 3.5 billion searches every day. If you set out to help others with your blogging efforts, then your potential for success is truly unlimited. 

One amazing example is Pat Flynn, a “serial entrepreneur” and owner of the Smart Passive Income Blog–a blog that brings in over $100,000+ a month. How does he do it? By focusing his attention on answering the critical “how-to” questions for those looking to make income online.

What’s crucial to remember here is that while blogging has significant potential for those looking to make money online, it takes time and dedication to see real results. 

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that simply putting consistent content out there isn’t enough to give you a return on your investment, especially when you are getting started. You need to find viable ways to monetize your blog, such as the following:

Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing. Which allows business owners to reward affiliates (you) for each visitor who makes a purchase from a link you have provided. With this method, you can easily use your blog to promote products and earn money. Most affiliate programs are free to join.


Google Adsense: A very popular method bloggers use to monetize their blogs is by displaying ads on their site. This is possible through Google Adsense, which allows you to sell your blog advert space to advertisers and get paid doing so. Your site does however need to drive steady traffic to be approved to join.


Sponsorships: Running sponsored posts on your blog is an additional way to make money. A sponsored post can be in the form of contents, links, reviews, and giveaways aimed at bringing targeted traffic to a business.

2. Freelance work 


Freelance is another one of those terms that gets thrown around when considering how to make money online; however, it’s still a relatively grey area for most. When most people think of online freelance work, they think of online blogging, the oddball graphic design job, etc. 

Here’s an interesting fact you’ve likely never considered: the freelance workforce is expanding at an exponential rate. According to Payoneer, in 2019, the United States saw a 78% spike in freelance earnings between Q3 of 2018 and Q2 in 2019, making it the fastest-growing freelance market globally, the UK coming in second at 59% and Brazil taking third at 48%.

Companies are constantly on the lookout for new freelance talent for several reasons, including:

  • Its cost-effectiveness

  • Access to individuals with specialized skills/expertise

  • Project-based work roles (not all projects need full-time employees, but should still be handled by people with the proper skillset)

  • Quick project turnaround times, etc.

These businesses often turn to reputable sources such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Toptal to help them find the right candidates for their jobs. Not only can companies (or even private individuals) post their job listings, but freelancers can also create personal ads/services that brands can look through when searching for a candidate to fill a freelance role. 

Some of the most common roles that brands seek out freelance candidates for include:

  • Bloggers/Copywriters
  • Social Media Managers
  • Graphic Designers/Logo Designers
  • Voiceover Work
  • Marketing
  • Translating/Transcribing
  • Developers/Coders/Programmers

When it comes to online income streams, freelance work is an option full of opportunities worth exploring.


3. Reseller 

A slightly less conventional yet still viable option for making money online is selling your used items or flipping other items online for a profit. 

Think of it this way – many used items still have plenty of life in them. Instead of simply throwing them out, why not sell them online and try to get a little something back for it? While this may seem like a rather limited online income stream, it has a lot more potential than you may think. This is especially true if you’re considering sprucing up the item before reselling it. 

When done right, this can be quite a lucrative opportunity for online income. Take the example of Rob and Melissa Stephenson, a couple who turned an occasional hobby into a six-figure income. They have been in the flipping game for quite some time and have almost perfected their craft. Between checking out local online markets (think Facebook Marketplace), thrift shops, yard sales, and even dumpster diving – the couple finds items worth some value, fixes them up, and then resells them for a profit on eBay. 

Now, this online income stream isn’t as simple as simply finding something and selling it – not if you’re looking to make this a regular income stream, at least. It takes time and plenty of research to find items worth fixing and reselling, so it can be a bit tedious. However, when done right, it can be quite an opportunity for income.


4. Ecommerce business 

If selling really piques your interest, then you may want to consider creating and opening your very own ecommerce storefront.

Ecommerce is frequently referred to as online retail, and this sector is growing at an extremely significant pace. Experts say they expect retail ecommerce sales to reach approximately $4.13 trillion by the end of 2020 and that 95% of all purchases will be conducted via ecommerce by 2040. 

While ecommerce may seem like an appealing avenue, it’s important to point out that this requires detailed strategy. Whether you’re selling some of your handknitted toys or a content creation service – your ecommerce shop is your business. You need to develop an audience persona, so you know who you are selling to, a marketing plan to get the word out there of your products or services, a way to communicate with your audience, and, finally, your storefront. 

An excellent example is GymShark. What started as a small Dropshipping gig has now turned into one of the fastest-growing ecommerce brands. It wasn’t enough to just set up shop online, however. Ben Francis, the entrepreneur behind the brand, outlined his timeline to success. It started off as a chance tradeshow appearance and has since evolved into social media and online success with over $100 million in sales through their ecommerce shop. 

The key here was the fact that Francis focused on the customer and their needs. From there, he put together a plan of action, which included establishing his online presence and further updating his ecommerce store, keeping the user’s experience in mind. 

This shows that if you’re willing to put in the work and build your ecommerce shop as a business and not just a side hustle, this can be a viable way to make money online. If you’re considering opening your ecommerce shop, then a few great places to start include Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.


5. Stock trading 

Stock Market

For those who aren’t as well versed in this area, investing and online trading both involve seeking out ways to profit through participation in the financial markets.

  • Investing: Involves the purchase of portfolio stocks, baskets of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment instruments to help you gradually build wealth over an extended period. 

  • Online Trading: This is considered a short-term strategy that involves the buying and selling of stocks, currency pairs, and commodities.

While the idea of investing and online trading may seem a little intimidating, it’s more user-friendly than you may think! Especially if you use platforms such as Robinhood, E-Trade, TD-Ameritrade, and/or Fidelity. 

These platforms are all designed to make investing and online trading consumer-friendly and include excellent customer support for those who have questions or need additional help.


6. Start a YouTube channel 

Youtube Videos - Make money online from home

Much like blogging, YouTube is another excellent way to make money online because it’s a top resource for those looking for information and entertainment. Not only is YouTube the second most popular website in the world, but it’s also home to some of the most influential individuals online, including:

  • Ryan Kaji – toy reviewer

  • Jeffree Star – makeup mogul

  • Felix Kjellberg, aka, PewDiePie – video gaming aficionado 

  • Mr. Beast – attention grabbing stunts 

The key to success on YouTube is creating and sharing content worth clicking on. For example, Ryan Kaji is the highest-paid YouTuber to date – and he’s only 8-years-old! His channel, Ryan’s World, had very meager beginnings and featured the young boy simply unboxing toys and was initially known as Ryan’s Toy Reviews. It was renamed Ryan’s World in 2019 as the young star began to branch out while still raking in more than $20 million/year in ad revenue from YouTube. 

Like blogging, there are several ways to monetize your channel, such as:

With the right content and proper monetization, YouTube is still a very viable online income stream!


7. Substack or paid newsletter 

If you’ve already started experimenting with content creation or have been dabbling in the idea of creating a newsletter and building an online community, then another way you can make money online is through Substack.

The simplest way to think of Substack is a subscription service that links you directly to your favorite publishers/creators. Individuals choose paid subscriptions to their favorite bloggers, writers, and other content creators, and, in return, get exclusive access to member’s only content. 

For anyone with a website, Substack is a great way to build your community because it allows you to gate certain content accessible to only the most committed followers/customers. Sign up is easy, and you can even migrate your current email list into the system, so you don’t lose any of your existing followers.


8. Rent my home (Airbnb) 

Airbnb - Make money online from home

Do you have some spare space in your home? Or maybe an extra property that’s sitting unused? If you’re looking to make money online, one avenue worth exploring is Airbnb – the online service that allows you to rent out your spare space for extra cash. 

Airbnb allows individuals to become “hosts.” As a host, you get to choose when to rent out your space, the rental requirements, such as how long someone can say, how many people can stay at once, and set your own prices.

Since you’re doing all the work, the only expenses included are the 3% host fee, which is deducted from your customer’s bill.


9. Peer to peer car rental 

Another excellent way to get some extra cash is by renting out your vehicle for use by others. This can mean renting your car out to rideshare drivers, such as those working with Uber or Lyft, or renting directly to individuals for use throughout the day. 

There are several apps worth investigating if this is a viable option for you, including Car2go, Sixt, and Turo. 

One of the largest car rental apps is Turo, which states that an individual can earn an average of $706 per month from lending their vehicle to others. 

Much like Airbnb, these car rental services allow you to list your car, set your rental agreements, and charge your own price. Depending on the app you use, there will likely be a service fee that comes out of your final pay per trip.


10. Honey coupons 

Honey is a relatively new tool that people everywhere are using to save money online. Now, it’s a little off-topic, sure, but sometimes saving money is just as good as making money!

Honey is a free browser extension that helps you find the best deals online and save you money in the process. The extension automatically locates, tests out, and applies the best internet coupon codes to your purchases across over 30,000 websites. For those looking to earn a little extra in the way of rewards, they can join the Honey Gold subscription, which allows them to earn rewards while shopping from their favorite online shops.


11. Paid surveys 

online surveys

Although the rewards of online surveys may not be substantial, spending a few minutes of your day completing surveys can definitely help you earn a few extra bucks. Plus, most survey sites are completely FREE to sign up, so you can begin earning as we speak!  

Swagbucks – With survey sites like Swagbucks, brands and market research companies invite Swagbucks members to fill-out online surveys about products and services. And when users complete a survey, Swagbucks pays its users between $0.05 and $2.50 (even upwards of $25 – $35 sometimes).

Survey Junkie – Regarded as one of the more popular survey sites online (5,000,000 members in counting), Survey Junkie, provides its users with simple and easy surveys to complete. And with each survey completed, members are rewarded with points that can be redeemed as either cash via PayPal or e-gift cards.

Other survey sites you’ll definitely want to check out include Inbox Dollars, and Pinecone Genpop.

12. Start a podcast 


Did you know that there are nearly 57 million (and steadily increasing) podcast listeners in the United States alone? So, if you have awesome content you’d like to share or subject matters you’d like to discuss, creating a podcast is certainly a no brainer! Now, while you can certainly generate an income in the form of sponsorships and ads, it doesn’t just stop there!


Podcasting can be rewarding in other areas such as promoting your brand, audience building, bringing in special guests/developing relationships, and referring traffic.


Best of all, it’s extremely easy to host and start your podcast with a platform such as BuzzSprout. Which features an easy to navigate dashboard, built-in transcription integration, and advanced podcasting statistics! 

Buzzsprout is completely free to sign up, and when you purchase a paid plan for two months, you receive a FREE $20 Amazon Gift card.


Be sure to check out PodcastHost, for more on launching your podcast!


13. Become an online tutor 

Tutoring - Make money online

Have a passion for teaching? Well, there are various platforms such as Tutor that allow you to teach a variety of different academic and technical subjects online. Simply apply online, take a subject exam, go through a mock session, submit proper identification requirements and you’re well on your way to becoming a tutor! 

If however, you’re looking for a less formal education demanding pathway, VIPkid is a great option, as it involves teaching English to students across seas! 


14. Create an online course

Thinkific - Make money online from home

Are you knowledgeable on a topic that people would pay help for? If the answer is yes, then why not create an online course? In this day and age, digitization has made online education a burgeoning market that extends to all four corners of the world.

So if you’re ready to begin, there are many great online course creation sites such as Thinkific and Skillshare. That can help you create, market, and sell your course. 

Be sure to check out Foundr’s Ultimate Course Creation Tutorial for more information on creating your first online course 


15. Edit videos 

fiverr - make money online from home

Video editing is a technical skill that consists of adding special effects, structuring, and other such enhancements to videos. 

 And with the continuing rise and push of video content, people and businesses are more continuously seeking professional help in creating high-grade video content.

So if you’re fairly talented in this area, there are many sites such as Upwork and Fiverr that offer freelance work for video editors.


Final thoughts  

Making money online isn’t nearly as difficult as some people make it out to be! All it takes is some self-evaluation to find out what your strengths are and some research to determine where your strengths and talents are most suited. 

So, if you’re looking to make some extra money online, be sure to give some thought to these options.

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