My Story


( My Sister, Younger brother and Me)

Hello! My name is Enrique Ambrocio and I’m the creator of (the blog you’re on right now!). 

I created this blog for the purpose of being able to become a resource for anyone looking to create a full time income from blogging! 

But Most Importantly 

I want to show people that it is completely possible to be successful online with a blog! That you don’t have to be some kind expert to be successful! And that it doesn’t have to take 5 -10 years to begin seeing results. Because as we all know time is a precious asset that we can never get back!   

And so, I want to document my journey to you so that you can learn from my mistakes and gain success much faster!


So Why Am I Doing This? 


Well, it wasn’t too long ago that I was in your shoes! Seeing and hearing of the many people who are killing it and making hundreds of thousands of dollars online from just their blogs! Wondering how in the heck can I do that too!?

And like many of us would (I know I did), we’d immediately get to work thinking once we finish this blog we’d start getting hundreds of thousands of views and begin making millions! 

Unfortunately however, in most cases, we received no views and made no money whatsoever. Lost and in need of guidance, we’re then up-sold courses by supposed gurus which cost thousands of dollars!

Now there’s nothing bad about courses, believe me, many out there are extremely helpful and useful! I’d actually recommend buying them if you’re in the position to do so and if the seller is someone who you can trust! Unfortunately however, many of us are not in the position to do so! This included me, a broke college student! 


Now because of this, one of three things will usually occur.  

  1. You’re in the position to invest hundreds of dollars into a course and so you do. This then levels up your skills and you begin seeing results. Awesome! I applaud you for investing in yourself! However, please bear in mind that in many situations this may not be the case. A course alone may not guarantee your success.   


  1. You take the initiative of getting started and telling yourself you’ll learn as you go! Now, this is certainly another great strategy that I applaud! Because action is the single most important thing to success. On the contrary however, as much as action is honorable, it takes MUCH dedication and hard work to begin seeing the fruits of your labor. And even so, with business unfortunately, hard work and dedication alone do not equal success. Which is why most bloggers fail. You have to be business minded!


  1. Ultimately, you don’t want to invest money or put in the time and effort to make it work online! So, you just decided to quit and carry on with your life. Which, for many people, is okay. 

Now, where I want STEP IN and help is with sharing my online journey with you! Explaining what I’m doing to get closer to my goal of creating a full time income online! As well as showcasing my mistakes and failures along the way, so that you won’t have to make the same mistakes that I have made. Because ultimately, a team is needed to succeed in anything and I want you to be a part of yours!  


More of Who I Am 

my family

(Mom who unfortunately passed, older brother, dad and ME!) I guess it’s safe to say that matching fits were a thing back then haha


I was born on Feb. 1st, 1999 in Yuba City, CA into a beautiful family. My parents’ names were Manuel and Alejandra Ambrocio. I was the 2nd born, with an older brother, who at the time of my birth was 2 years old. 

Now throughout my infant years, I don’t recall much. But I do remember when I was about 4 years old, we moved from our home in California to Washington for the purpose of being closer with family. And to be honest, the only reason I remember this event was because my first night there, I was astonished by what I saw outside my window, falling white flakes coming from the sky (snow)! 

Our time however was short lived in Washington as about a year later, we came back to California as much of our family began to move here. So back to Yuba City we came, which is about an hour away from Sacramento if you’re wondering where this is.  

At this time, I was beginning my first year of Pre-Kindergarten. Venturing into the first steps of my independent life!

The Day My Life Changed Forever

The school year had quickly passed and I was enjoying my summer break with friends! 

In the course of this time , my mom was pregnant with my sister (Karen) and was due anytime now! Our entire family was eagerly waiting! 

And then the day had finally came! I remember being at my aunt’s house hanging out with my cousins, when my aunt suddenly received a call from another aunt of mine, letting her know that my mother was going into labor. 

We all quickly rushed into the car (cousins, my brother, aunt and I) and headed out to the hospital. When we arrived, we were greeted by much of our family, which included my dad.    

It didn’t take long however for me to notice that something wasn’t right. Where joy and happiness was expected, worry and sadness instead, welcomed us. I couldn’t exactly grasp what was going on and when I asked around in search of an answer, nobody seemed to be able to look me in the eyes and tell me what was going on. 

Until finally, a doctor came into the room and everyone immediately stood silent, anxiously waiting for what he had to say. Now I didn’t exactly understand what he had said, but I knew enough from seeing the heartfelt reactions from my family. And soon later, I saw my mom being proceeded away in the hospital bed, unresponsive. 

I didn’t know what to do or say. I just stood there. 

The days passed and it still felt unreal of what had happened. As if I was living in a nightmare that I just couldn’t seem to wake up from. 

Throughout these days as well, it had been settled amongst family that my mother would be buried in her hometown which was in Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico).

mothers grave

To say that the next couple of years were hard would be an understatement. But however, life continues to move forward and rightfully so! 

Throughout these years, I managed to promote from middle school (where I met lifelong friends) and high school as well. Where we had won a section title my senior year for soccer! A memory I will cherish forever.

me playing soccer

Now of course there was so much more that had happened throughout these years! But for the sake of prioritizing, I would like to explain how it is that my whole online journey began. 

So let’s go ahead and dive in. 

How My Online Journey Began

It all started with my first year in college where I attended Chico State in northern CA. I came to this college with the sole purpose of continuing my soccer career (I was aiming to become pro). However, after changes in perspectives and injuries, I decided to change my aims and goals. And so I decided to pursue a degree in kinesiology to hopefully become a physical therapist.

Now about a year in ( my sophomore year), I have to say that I was absolutely miserable. I couldn’t stand being lectured for hours and I quickly began losing passion for school/formal education (which is weird cause I’ve always been a good student). 


More importantly however, I couldn’t make sense of the idea of having a 9-5 job for nearly 40 years to be able to get through life and ultimately live comfortably.


Of course, when I mentioned this to family and friends, they thought I was crazy and laughed at me! They believed that I needed to fully invest myself in formal education to become successful. That the more degrees I had under my name the more successful I would be. 

But I knew this wasn’t the case for me because :  

  • I knew many graduates who were struggling to find a job (for years) with some losing the hope that they ever will. 

  • Relying on a single income (a job) can be dangerous because if you lose that job, you lose your only source of income. 

  • A job just simply can’t supplement true freedom in life! I’m talking doing what you want, when you want, with who you want, for as long as you want! 

  • I was seeing young millionaires being made without any formal education at all! Proving to me that formal education isn’t a prerequisite for financial success. 

And so I continued this path of entrepreneurship alone with my older brother, who also agreed with me. 

Then I came about, perhaps one of the best books that I have ever read, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki. This book not only opened up a new world for me, but solidified my ideas about money and a job! 

It stated exactly what I had seen in real life and that was : people working their entire lives without ever getting ahead. Only knowing of a job to be able to generate an income and not investing in assets, but rather in liabilities.

The Breakthrough, At Last! 

With my newly found knowledge, I was now in search of creating assets that would help me build my dream life! Remember however, at this time I was still in my sophomore year in college. Meaning, I didn’t have a significant amount of money to invest (real estate)! And so I was now in search of how I can make a significant amount of money without having a high entry barrier. 

Then it happened. One day while skimming through the internet, I came acrossThe Smart Passive Income blog. A blog created by Pat Flynn whose purpose was to help bloggers create a successful online business. Which was awesome! But, what really caught my attention was how much money his blog was producing! In the month of January 2017, his blog alone produced over $167,000! 

Now what was even more interesting was that he had set up his blog to produce passive income. So he wasn’t paid for how many hours he worked and the entry barrier was little to none! But don’t get the wrong idea, it took tremendous amounts of effort and time for Patt to see these kinds of results! 

So this blog ultimately led me to create my own, in hopes of being able to give back while making a profit. Now, another awesome blog I stumbled across was the awesomeAdam Enfroy blog. And at the time of this discovery, I was about three months into blogging with zero results to show for. But coming across this blog really shaped and changed my strategy. That being that I needed to treat my blog like a business! Focus more on the business strategy, rather than the technical work. And I’m beginning to see results! 

And so that about brings you up to date with my life and my online journey my friend! And if you’ve made it this far on the page, I truly appreciate it and would like to thank you! 

Join me!

With that being said, I want to extend an offer to you of joining me on my journey! So that we can learn together and lean on each other for support! Because I’ve learned that with a team, you not only achieve goals faster, but you go farther than thought possible! 

So no more waiting on the right time to start, approval of others, fear to go away (never will) or anything else holding you back from chasing your dreams! Begin today!